Your conservatory - material choices


There are compelling reasons why un-plasticised (rigid) polyvinyl chloride has come to be such a popular choice for doors and windows. Its low cost and long life, together with its excellent thermal performance and reduced maintenance requirements, have made it a firm favourite with home-owners over many decades. In recent years, improvements achieved through innovations such as multi-chambered Duraflex frame profiles have enhanced uPVC’s status as an energy-efficient choice. uPVC looks great in clean brilliant white, but attractive and durable foil finishes are also available, in the full palette of RAL colours as well as in a choice of improved wood-grains.


Aluminium is an exceptionally strong and durable material. Aluminium window and roof frames can be made slimmer than is possible with uPVC, increasing the ratio of glass to frame. Powder-coated RAL colour finishes are guaranteed to endure the worst of many a British winter.


For some properties, there is no other choice. With its visual beauty, its natural elegance and even its olfactory charm, a hardwood framed conservatory can be a feast to the senses. Admiral designers and fitters have considerable expertise with wood-frame construction, and we will ensure that our work complies with any listed building consents or building controls that may apply.

Roof glazing

In many cases, we recommend Pilkington 'Activ Blue' glass for use as attractive low-maintenance and cost-effective conservatory roof panels. The ‘Activ’ brand-name, introduced in 2001, refers to the self-cleaning property of the glass. This is achieved via a thin (20 – 30 nm) transparent coating of titanium dioxide, which is applied to the outer pane during manufacture. Pilkington 'Activ' glass cleans itself in two stages: 1/ Photo-catalytic stage:- organic dirt is broken down chemically by the ultraviolet portion of sunlight. 2/ Super-hydrophilic stage:- rain-water spreads evenly across the surface of the glass, washing away the dirt.

Solid roof

For maximum insulation (at the expense of natural light), we offer both the Equinox tiled roofing system and the Ultraframe solid-panelled roof. Under the terms of the government's Neighbour Consultation Scheme, you may not even need planning permission for a solid roofed conservatory built before 30th May 2019 - please ask our surveyor.

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